Axial Flow Pump / Propeller Pump

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Macflow Series - Axial Flow Pump / Propeller Pump

The MacFlow Pump (Axial Flow Pump) generates flow by the thrust or lift action of rotating axial vanes of the impeller.

The pump has an elbow that directs the flow thrugh the suction and out the discharge end of the pump. Long life, minimum maintenance and seamless performance; all these features are best justified in MackFlow pump.

The MacFlow Pump indeed rules the industry by the matchless corrosive and abrasive solution offered by. It the vivid ranges of propellers MAF Models are unrivalled. It is best designed to meet any and every possible high flow, low head pumping requirements.

Pump Size 6 inch to 36 inch
Flow up to 100m3/hr to 6000 m3/hr
Head up to 2 mtr to 8 mtr
Max. Working Pressure 10bar
Temperature up 300°C
Speed Up 1400 rpm 2900 rpm 3500 rpm
Standard Material Cast Iron, Stainless Steel 304/316, cd4mcu
  • Mackwell pump (Horizontal Axial Flow Pump) develop Macflow series for axial flow application. Macflow pump is unmatched in the industry for high volume/low head pumping requirements, especially when corrosive & abrasive solutions are involved. Its mainly use in evaporator & crystallizer / phosphate, soda ash, potash & sodium chloride processing Polypropylene reactors, xylene application Black liquor evaporator, chlorine dioxide generators sewage digesters, raw water pumping, & many more.
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